Mike Freda Completes Day 7 of Paul Brodies’ Frame Building 101

Day 7 completed. (week#2) Got to class a bit early and talked to Paul about bikes, bike design, trail, rake....etc...

Measured and mitred my Chain Stays. Placed my custom Rear Dropouts I made and freshly mitred Chain Stays into the rear triangle jig to TIG welded weld it up. These's were tough welds. Very tight space! Chased and Faced my Bottom Bracket. Aligned my frame again. The Down Tube and Seat Tube needed a bit of a tweak but that is normal due to the heat of the TIG welding of the Chain Stays. Aligned my Chain Stays. Measured, mitred and Nickel Soldered a Chain Stay Bridge into the frame.

Rob and Derek are Fillet Brazing their Frames. Fillet Brazing is a bit easier to do. It's more forgiving but more work goes into finishing than TIG welding.

My frame is really coming together. I should be done tomorrow (if all goes well) I was a little surprised how much work goes in to the rear triangle. Lots of finicky pieces that have to marry up perfectly.

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