Mike Freda Completes Day 8 of Paul Brodies’ Frame Building 101

Got to class and everyone got to work right away.Paul got some large tubing for me so I could make some head tube rings for extra strength. I turned them down on the metal lathe and they look really slick!

Got to work on my seat stays. The shop has a "S" bend seat stay jig. ohhh, awwww. This is getting better and better! We bent up a set of Seat Stays and they look really nice! The jig works great!

Aligned my Chains Stays and measured up the Seat Stay and mitred them up. Placed them in the jig and TIG welded them up. I Nickel Soldered my Head Tube rings and admired my frame!

It's really coming together, just a few more minor things and it's done!

Derek is right behind me (1/2 day worth of work) I love the look of his bike! Tom is a day behind me but he will get done it time. He's making a Track bike so there is no braze-ons or bridge tubes. You don't see many Fillet Brazed Track Bikes... I might have to make myself one!

Mike FredaRyan Yip