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Why choose a Drop-Bar Bike ?

It’s one of the most common questions we get asked. New riders tend to get put off by drop bar bikes thinking that a flat bar bike would be more comfortable because you can sit more upright. However while this might be true for short distance rides, once you start to ride for longer times and distances it is much more comfortable on a Drop-Bar bike.

The reason for this is that the Drop Bar allows for more positions to put your hands. As the distance gets greater being able to move your body position around gives you relief from getting stiff from being in the same position for too long.

By moving your hands around the drop bars it also changes your spine angle which changes the amount of pressure on your hands shoulders and butt. Redistributing your weight balance each time you change position.

And of course you can always move down into the drops for a more aerodynamic position for maximum speed !

Our Drop-Bar bikes can be broken down into sub categories.

The Romax family of the Adventure and Comp are versatile bikes that have race capable geometry while maintaining long distance comfort.

Adventure Touring family with the Elan Vital and the Elan. We have redefined modern touring with the Elan Vital being more focused towards Gravel Adventure touring and the Elan, although more than a capable Gravel tourer, is a bit more focus on road and mixed terrain.

The Road Plus family consist of the Steel Frame models, the Tiber, Remo and Romulus and now the new all new Aluminum Road Plus Revel. Road Plus gives you traditional road bike geometry but with the PLUS wheel size that allows for off road adventures.

Traditional Steel Road Bike is a family of one with the Roam. Although all of our Drop-Bar bikes can be used as “traditional” road bikes, the Roam has a more classic orientation with less aggressive wheels and tires and is a great road bike on a budget.

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