Flat - Bar


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Why choose a Flat-Bar Bike ?

Of course you can ride Flat-Bar bikes as far as you like but generally they are best suited for short to medium distance riding. The upright position is very comfortable, provides higher levels of visibility and provides the most confidence for novice riders. The shifting on a Flat-Bar bike is also much simpler and confidence inspiring with a short learning curve. The New Energy is the simplest of them all with the Full Range 1X drivetrain that takes front chainring shifting out of the equation.

"Quick, sleek, upright, utility-driven bicycles designed to take you from commute to fitness to weekend adventures (think island-hopping, wine country and urban exploring for starters!). We’re serious about ensuring you have fun every time you ride these feature-packed bicycles."

We love commuting by bicycle! Of course, you can ride any one of our bikes to work, but our Flat Bar category is the most versatile combination of speed, comfort, and load carrying, all weather capability.

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