Paul Brodie Frame Building 101 Update; Course 004 Starts Feb. 7th!

Course #004 starts Feb. 7th, and yes, there is still space left, believe it or not. I found out a little bit of the history of our location... we're in a hanger that used to be occupied by Frontier Helicopter. There's quite a bit of space, so I took out my Schwinn cruiser to be a shop bike. The combination of old tires and painted concrete isn't great. I almost found out the hard way, need I say more?

Course #003 is completed; with all (3) students going home with finished frames.  Tom and Mike lived fairly close to UFV, but Derek flew in from Chicago, landed at Bellingham, then cycled up to Abbotsford in the rain. He said it was much better than working as a Chicago bike messenger in -35 degree F weather! I was young like that once too...

I could go on about Course #003, but Mike has been writing a daily Blog, apparently, so I will let the photos speak for themselves. I enjoyed myself; it was a good class.

Paul Brodie

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