Frame Building With Hall of Fame Inductee, Paul Brodie

This is the fifth frame-building shop I am setting up, so you might say I know what I'm doing.. It's fun and rewarding in the sense that I get to create a single purpose space from scratch. Different this time, because it's not production oriented, but a "hands on" working classroom... The shop is slowly coming together, and it will be done by the time the first class starts September 27/10. UFV (University of the Fraser Valley) is relatively new, and the energy there is very positive; everyone has been very friendly and helpful. I didn't have a plan to teach frame building, but Brent Martins' purchase of my jigs and fixtures has led me back into bicycles, and I'm very excited about teaching this course. It's the perfect time in my life to do this.

If you have interest in building your own frame, contact Karen at UFV - 604 847 5471  or email

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