Frame building with the master, Paul Brodie

The frame building class is sold out. The next two week course is scheduled to start October 25 / 10.  For more information call 604 847 5471, or email karen.massier@ufv.caThe new course number CRN is 80358. Thanks for all your interest...

In each class, I will be building a frame, along with the students. This way, each student gets to build as much of their own frame as they possibly can. I need to keep in practice too, and it will help to keep my enthusiasm high. My first frame will be a 29er for Bruce Spicer at Brodie Bikes. Bruce has some ideas so we'll see how they check out.

The bicycle pictured below is a "Whippet" spring-framed safety bicycle, built in 1888. Note the "spoon brake" that operates against the rear tire. The pneumatic tire was invented in the same year. This drawing is a part of the slide show on early bicycle frame construction. Yes, full suspension over (120) years ago!!  This design really caught my eye, so I'll probably build one in the near future. Then students can ride around the parking lot and experience what "early" FS was like..  If anyone has some REALLY early cranks / chainrings / chains / pedals in good shape; please contact me.

Paul Brodie, Ryan YipRyan Yip