Why I'm Buying a Brodie

One of the great things about working at Brodie is getting emails like the one below. We know we make quality bikes, using quality components and we know that we make them at an affordable price-point. It’s rad, however, when the end user lets us know that this fits their needs, and the dealers they went to made sure they were taken care of. Reading emails like this makes us stoked to work for a small Canadian company that works hard to make sure our bikes get people excited about commuting, racing, adventuring and going everywhere. MH


Dear Brodie Bikes folks: 

I'd been looking to replace a low-end hybrid this year with something that I could use for commuting (which my hybrid is reasonably fine for) and for touring and some railroad-trail riding. I'd gone to several bike shops, looking for last year's models on sale from various manufacturers--Fuji, Masi, Trek, Giant, Norco, "MEC," and so on. I'd found a few that I test-rode. Yesterday I went to Ride On Again on West Broadway where I met Rob, who impressed me because once I began talking touring, he told me about he and his partner's trip around France, and what they rode, and that he also is making his own frame, one that comes apart in two pieces for travel (which is beyond my budget). He said, I have two bikes I think would be perfect for what you're intending to do, and showed me the entry level touring and cyclo-cross Brodie bikes, both last year's models at some savings.

The touring--I believe it was an Elan--was really attractive but I'd said I needed to stay at or below $1K. So we looked at the Revel. I had stated a preference for steel, but nevertheless Rob thought this would still be a good ride because it had a chromoly fork which would prevent some of that hard jitter up my arms from the road. And I could still add fenders and with an extension, have a rear rack that wouldn't hit my heels with each pedal stroke.

I took it for a ride. It was so cool--I was very impressed by its handling, and how right it felt compared to my hybrid. Then and there I decided, with a few changes--a Brooks "vegan" saddle and different pedals--I'd get it. But it wasn't just the bike: it was what he said about your company, your reputation, how he'd never worked with such a responsive bike builder in terms of standing behind their product, and I also appreciated that Brodie was based in Vancouver (realizing that the bikes are built in Taiwan).

I'm going to pick that bike up on Tuesday, and then maybe ten or so days riding later will come back for a proper fitting as well as to tighten cables and so on. I think you may have gained a lifetime customer.



Michael C.