Cyclocross is Over

Unless you are in a region like Southern Florida, your cyclocross season was likely over in December. Maybe, just maybe, you’re lucky like those of us on the West Coast and have one more Semiprestige race to hit up care of the enduring organizers at Stuckylife this January. It’s been a great season for those of us at Brodie Bikes – I was able to pair up a number of races in Ottawa and Toronto during the time on the road, packing up my Ti Romax for the trips, as well as seeing some great community at Cross On The Rock on Vancouver Island. Andrew was still down and out due to that car running him over, but he managed to snap some excellent shots at the races put on by Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition when he was able to bum around the courses.

But now that the season is coming to an end, the World Championship will be raced in February, and the rest of us non-national champions are left to watch poorly shot GoPro edits of full 60+ Masters races.

What now?

We spend quite a bit of time over CX season simply CX racing, training and traveling. It’s a fast, hectic period of one to two, sometimes three races a week (if we’re trying!). It’s time to remember there are other bikes. Go mountainbiking. Go road riding. Go road riding off road. Remember the joy of riding whatever, wherever. Hanson Little said this about BMX: “Never let the feeling fade and never let the rest get in the way.”

I, myself, took some time out to start MTBing more, and getting back into long road rides (some of them off road) with rad people. I am setting some goals. Finding events I’d like to do and new adventures. I’ll be putting together some posts on getting ready for this ride, the Oregon Outback, a 578 KM, unsupported bikepacking trip through rural Oregon – it will require gearing up a Brodie Monster with bags and the right tires, as well as some longer days in the saddle! Road racing is on the docet as well, with the Ti Roadie I built up last year getting some polish and a few hundred KMs of winter training on the wheels. Maybe even trying out the Steaming Nostril in Kitchener. 

Take some time, chart out your year to the next CX season; I try to remember that training is the tool to get you there, and the cycling is the fun part.


Matt HornlandRyan Yip