Vancouver to Winnipeg Journey

We love to hear adventures and journeys by our customers and this trip by Michael only costed two flat tires and a bottom bracket! On July 29 I dropped by Intergalactic Brodie headquarters on SW Marine Drive, at the beginning of my ride from Vancouver to Winnipeg, where I met Andrew and Roger.  Andrew was kind enough to take a couple of photos; if those have been posted somewhere, let me know where so I can take a look.  Anyway, here's another picture to match, proof that I actually made it to Winnipeg in one piece, arriving last Friday.  It's a self-portrait, but I had no choice because no one else was around to take the photo!  The journey cost only two flat tires and a bottom bracket, but I had a blast all the way, and am already missing the freedom of the open road!

Cheers, Michael Hamilton, Ontario

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