Introducing the 2014 Brodie Bicycles!

We're proud to bring you the 2014 product line! With a high emphasis on creating a better product, we've spent a lot of time with aesthetics and details; ie. matching fenders on our Journey Series. As you can see, we've expanded many of our categories and brought back some of those classic Brodie's who've made us who we are: Holeshot and Unibomber. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know! ..........................................................................................................................................................................

EXPRESS SERIES: Comfort and speed is what you'll find here, whether it is simple and sleek with internal gears, or fully loaded commuters. Equipped with riser bars, we offer options for both fully rigid or with front suspension because smooth paved roads shouldn’t be your only option! > Internal Gear Sport, Flat Bar Sport, Dual Sport, 2 Speed Automatic / Single Speed

Ocho/Once (Internal Gear) - Internal gear bicycles offer many advantages over traditional drivetrains and when Shimano came out with 8 and 11 speed version with disc brake compatibility, we had to have them. Protected by the hub's sealed shell, the moving parts are safe from physical damage and outside elements. The Alfine 8/11 offers a similar range (high/low) of gears as a traditional drivetrain, so don’t worry where it can and can’t take you!

Bolt/Voltage/Tesla/Dynamo/Energy (Flat Bar Sport) - We have been building reliable, useful bikes designed for the urban commuter for 15 years. When mountain bikes were what everyone was talking about, Brodie quietly offered the ‘Torque’ – ahead of its time with fast rolling tires, fenders, rack attachment points and bar ends. We added the ‘Infinity’ with hydraulic disc brakes soon after that. Now, from the basic ‘Bolt,’ which is reliable, serviceable transportation to the rest with disc brakes and more gear options, these models are designed to be practical, fast and reliable.

Voltage FS/Dynamo FS/Salish/Sasamat (Dual Sport) - For those who like to indulge in both off-road and on-road, the Dual Sport in our Express Series have been gaining some huge popularity. Expand your horizons on a bike that is at home on long stretches of hard-packed dirt and gravel as well as on the road.  Pairing our Express Series riding position with front suspension, the second generation of our "29er-lites" offer a smooth rolling experience with lockout suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and high volume tires.

Remus/Dos 2.1 (Single Speed/2 Spd Automatic) - Less is more and it doesn't get much easier than simply throwing your leg over a bike and pedaling away!  No shifters, no shift cables, no cassettes, no derailleur hangers, no hassle.   Pick 1 gear, the Remus with a flip-flop rear hub, or 2 gears, the Dos 2.1 using SRAM's "Automatix" two speed auto-shift hub; it'll automatically change gears for you when you're up to speed! Both bikes are dressed up by dressing them down with simple, clean silver parts including seat-post, bar, stem and high-flange hubs.

SPEED: Speed and distance are what you’re aiming for, whether it’s on gravel or pavement. Equipped with drop bars, the Speed series consists of bikes that will get you there the quickest and take you the furthest. > Touring, Cross Sport, Road

Circuit/Argus/Elan/Elan Vital (Touring) - Year after year our touring bicycles continue to grow in popularity and number. Butted steel and 700c tires (exception of 48cm) allow for a quick and lively ride. Disc brakes are a must; barreling down a hill with a loaded down bicycle, you need ultimate stopping power! For those looking for increased stability as well as a more upright comfortable road bike, our touring bikes have become a fast favorite with commuters. Rack and fender ready, these bikes are ready for wherever your journey will take you.

Revel/Ronin/Romax/Monster (Cross Sport) - Just because you love dirt it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice speed or weight.  Our Cross-Sport series lets you tackle road, gravel, dirt, sand, mud, cobblestones, you name it, with swiftness, agility and confidence.  Check out one of many local cyclocross races to see what these bikes are fully capable of!  Or if you're simply looking for a fast, durable commuter with maximum versatility; disc brakes, rack & fender mounts, clearance for up to 40c tires and wide-ratio gearing, look no further.  And for those who want it all and want it in steel, the brand new, one of a kind "Monster" will turn heads expand your cycling horizons like you never imagined.

Roam/Romulus/Remo/Tiber/Pace/Pact (Road) - When it came to the round table discussion on road bikes, we wanted to create something for both recreational and road enthusiasts. Carbon and aluminum both have their merits, but there's nothing that beats the supple and reliable ride quality of steel. Classic road geometry, combined with a wide tire clearance and rack/fender mounts, our road bikes are highly versatile: Light touring, commuting, fondos, charity rides, road rips and maybe your first race!

LIGHTNING: You want to be one with nature and experience the more aggressive side of bicycles. Lightweight hardtails with front suspension, we have you covered if you’re hankering for long, fast and epic, or steep technical riding. > 29’er, 650b/27.5 All Mtn, 650b/27.5 Single Speed

Tact/Surge/Bruzza/Holeshot/Tiger (650b/27.5) - Mountain biking is dynamic.  With ever-changing conditions, riding styles, and trails to complement them, it only makes sense that Brodie offers up a Canadian hardtail with a twist. Our 650b/27.5 bikes roll incredibly well, hold their momentum flawlessly and you can throw them around on the trail ("flickability") to your heart's content.  So if you like the idea of pedaling, "earning your turns," shredding corners, shuttling vertical singletrack with friends, or doing a back-country epic over a couple mountain passes on a long weekend, these adventurous hardtails will remind you why it's good to keep it fresh and make it fun.

Unibomber(Single Speed 650b/27.5)- Not only has our reincarnation of the single speed Unibomber come back in 650b/27.5, but it also includes the rebirth of the Gator Blade 2 (GB2) Fork. Dare to be different: The Unibomber is built with butted 4130 croMo and aluminum GB2 fork; the only thing you'll need to figure out is how to get the great big grin off your face when you burn past the gear junkies! If there’s a day that comes and you need more range, your Unibomber can transform into a geared 650b/27.5 or 700c!

Force/Kayo/Crib/Cuda/Khan (29'er) - If you love hitting the trails, being adventurous and seeking thrills, you're going to love our 29'ers. Cross-country hardtail mountain bikes on a big-wheel platform for reduced rolling resistance, increased stability and better traction.  Fun stuff, now get dirty!

Menace (Youth 24") - The smallest member of the XC clan, this youth/jr bike in 24" wheels comes with 80mm of front travel, disc brakes, along with a spec made for those woodsy blasts. You're not going to sacrifice quality and safety, why should your kids?

JOURNEY: We know you’re in no rush to get there and you prefer life in the slow lane; the more laid-back lifestyle. From seawall cruises to trips down to your local grocer, the Journey Series will escort you there providing all the classic, clean styling and comfort you can handle> Internal Gear Comfort, Metro Comfort

Section. 2/Section. 8/Pax (Internal Gear Metro) - Gears are sometimes complicated and there are times where you want to jump on a bicycle and just go. Equipped with internal gears, our Section. 2 features the SRAM 2 speed automatic, which shifts into a higher gear when you get up to speed. The Pax 7 and Section. 8 include Nexus internal 7 or 8 speed hubs, respectively. The Nexus internal gears have a similar range of gears as traditional drivetrains, just without the confusion of two shifters; simple and sleek!

Metier/Sterling/Quantum (Metro) - Not only is the new Journey series stylish and comfortable, functionality is still at the heart of their design. Thoughtful geometry gives you an upright riding position and super efficient pedaling platform to get you where you're going and carry your load at the same time.  Now you can concentrate on the things that really matter, like finding the perfect wicker bike basket or that perfect sounding bell.


Rodie Ti/Romax Ti/Holeshot Ti/Cruzado Ti - Our Brodie heirloom bikes deserve the best we have to offer: titanium. In its pure raw form, our double-butted frames provide you with a lightweight platform, supple ride quality, great tensile, and fatigue strength. Titanium is the ultimate material to build bicycles from; you need to ride one of our four offerings to find out why!

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