Review of the Brodie Section 8; by VancouverVIDA

VancouverVIDA is a free service and weekly email keeping you informed about health and fitness in the Vancouver Area.  Sarah and Shayla borrowed a Section 8 to ride and review in their daily activities; here's their awesome review:

Brodie Bikes is a local bike company. Founder Paul Brodie, a member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, was originally an artist and motorcycle fanatic. Paul began by painting and brass-welding frames for mountain bikes in 1985. Inventor of the trademark Vancouver sloping top tube, Paul went on in 1986 to launch the company that builds the bikes bearing his name. Brodie Bikes lent us a Section 8 city bike for cruising and short commutes. The Section 8 has a simple 8-speed internal hub that makes getting around fun and easy.  Equipped with fenders, a sturdy double-kickstand, relaxed geometry and a rear rack to carry your gear.

Sarah Says -

I had a great time with the Section 8 bike made by Brodie Bikes. I am not big into cycling and found it very useful in and around my area. I would take it for a few leisurely rides through my North Vancouver neighbourhood (hills and all) and a couple times to grocery store when I needed to grab a few items.  My favourite things about the Section 8 bike was how easy it was to the change gears. I have a mountain bike and have always had trouble gear changing, I never remember which way to turn the gears to make it easier or harder, which as sadly resulted in me falling off my bike or struggling greatly up a hill or two! But the Section 8 has a grip gear shift and showed what gear you were on, 1 through 8. This feature made my biking experience a dream!

My rating for the Section 8 5/5 for comfort and convenience, 4/5 for the fun factor and 5/5 of me having one of my own or recommending this bike to a friend.

Shayla Says -

I have a bike for every occasion and I loved the Section 8. I would definitely add this one to my collection. It was so much fun and easy to get around. I rode it everywhere.  I took the Section 8 to work, to Whistler, to take my dog for a run, it was fun and convenient. Besides riding around my West End neighbourhood, through downtown, to work and to the farmer’s markets. I also took the Section 8 to Whistler for the weekend. It was perfect for the Valley Trail, taking my big dog for a run and getting to the Village. This is the perfect commuter / cruiser bike if you don’t have big hills to climb, it can easily handle gravel paths, bike paths, city streets and more. The internal hub makes this a maintenance free alternative for an easy ride and more time riding.

My rating for the Section 8 4/5 for comfort and convenience, 5/5 for the fun factor and 5/5 of me having one of my own or recommending this bike to a friend.

Ryan Yip, VancouverVIDARyan Yip