First Paul Brodie Apprenticeship concludes; 29'ers, DJ'ers and CycloCross'ers

The first class has come and gone. It was a great learning experience for all, myself included. We discovered the (brand new) auto-darkening welding helmets didn't work so well at low amperages, so those got replaced with conventional ones. My initial thought of "how am I going to keep these guys busy for TWO weeks?" was soon replaced with "how am I going to get these guys to FINISH their frames in two weeks?" Only Simon met the goal of finishing his front triangle after one week... Week Two saw the students really pick up the pace. They didn't take coffee breaks, and often stayed late. The energy in the class was very good!  From left to right >

Simon was going to build a 29er, but changed his mind and built a TIG welded cyclocross bike. He finished first, and had the time to build a set of TIG bull-moose bars.

Nigel (all the way from Australia..) built a fillet brazed track bike for his everyday commuter..

Daniel (aged 15..) fillet brazed a 26" dirt jumper. He also finished early, so I showed him how to construct a candle stick holder for his Mom.

Ken TIG welded a cyclocross style road bike.

There is still space for class #002 starting October 25, so if you're sitting on the fence, undecided, call UFV!

Paul Brodie

Paul Brodie, Ryan YipRyan Yip