Mike Freda Completes Day 4 of Paul Brodies’ Frame Building 101

- Small lecture by Paul. He talked about tubing, steel, bike history and other miscellaneous items in regards to frame building.- Finished machining my custom rear dropouts. I want to have gears and also be able to set it up as a single speed. - Fillet Braze strength test (done by Tom) I was surprised (and a bit shocked) how strong this weld is! - Designed my bike and completed full size drawing. All the dimension and angles all add up! Going to be a cool looking bike!

Derek started mitring his main tube set and put it into the jig. Tom practiced welding and worked on his bike design.

Paul has been great instructor. Knows just when to teach, show, watch or to just let us work! There will be periods of time when we are all just working...building out bikes and not a word is spoken!

Another fun day, lots of learning and laughs!

Mike FredaRyan Yip