Mike Freda Completes Day 3 of Paul Brodies’ Frame Building 101

- Paul talked (small lecture) about bikes and bike design.- Did my TIG weld strength test. My weld held... the CroMo tube snapped the tube 1/2" above the weld and bent the tube real good! - Started machining my custom rear dropouts. - Paul and I discussed my bike and made some rough plans. We talked about frame geometry and characteristics of certain angles and tube lengths. - Picked my tube set. Large down tube(38mm) , thick steer tube, Tange top tube and seat tube. This will be one tough frame! - Finished machining Rear Dropouts. Just have to cut them out and trim up a few things.

Stayed late...  Spent most of the day concentrating on the machining. I really like learning to work a new tool!

Mike FredaRyan Yip