Framebuilding 101

This is Paul Brodie.   Framebuilding 101 course #012 finished recently, and it was unique in the diversity of frames built. We had a 29er, a cyclocross bike, an electric cruiser, and a variable speed unicycle! The class was also unique in that 3 out of 4 students owned electric bicycles, with one student, Justin, owning Grin Technologies. This company, with eleven employees, (surprised me!) sells everything to do with electric bicycles. Check out Whether you like electric bikes or not, the future is going there. My next project is a (racy) electric bike. I want it to be able to do 60k to keep up with cars. Suspension, disc brakes, slicks, steel and carbon fibre... We will be having another Open House for Framebuilding 101 sometime in early June, so stay tuned.. We're in a huge airplane hanger, so there's lots of space. Last Open House was a huge success with about 60 people attending. The University said they had never seen so many people at an Open House! The 1888 Whippet (winner of NAHBS Peoples' Choice..) will be there, so come check it out.

Here's Richard checking out the mitre of the top tube for his cyclocross frame >

Justin fillet brazing his custom unicycle. The Nuvinci variable speed hub mounts behind the seat, and a chain runs up and down each side of the unicycle. He's put a lot of thought into his design.   When finished he plans to ride it from Vancouver, down the coast, to Mexico. Quite an adventure! (happy guy..)

Mike Tig welding the chainstays for his electric cruiser. Because the seat tube didn't join the bottom bracket (unlike almost every other frame), the build sequence was completely different. For example, the chain stays became part of the frame before even the seat tube and top tube!

Thomas fillet brazing the chainstays onto his 29er. First student to use the newly acquired bent down tubes > (see next photo..

As you can see, a great deal of diversity in types of frames. I have to work a little harder, but it sure is interesting!

class #012

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