Bike Spotting - Brodie Section. 8

via/ Dandyhorse Full Name: Vanessa Richards City: Vancouver, BC Bicycle: Brodie Section 8

What do you wear for your winter commute?

Shilling. I wear a lamb skin coat that is very very warm. It’s made in Scotland and it’s waterproof. It doesn’t require me to change my clothes when I get to the place…I like my cashmere and I like wool, and I like to have slim, thinner layers underneath so I’m not all bulked up, because the jacket’s pretty bulky. I can get to where I’m going and I’m comfortable.

How do you feel about Gore-Tex?

I think Gore-Tex has a place, I like its properties, I just seldom see designs that I like. I bought some waterproof material for a riding skirt I’m designing because I’d like to encourage more women who don’t wear sportif clothes to ride. I would like to have something that’s light, but I just really don’t like the design of most waterproof clothes. They’re monolithic in their choices and I don’t think that the choices are expressive and individualistic as the kind of riders that there are. It’s a shame.

Can you describe your commute? How far you do ride and what routes you take?

I am an independent freelancer/contractor/artist. My commute is not regular, but I would say for the most days I might ride–this is so Vancouver–to my yoga class, 8 minutes. For me to get into the city is 20 minutes, and I would say that most of my rides are under 40 minutes.

Can you give us any tips for new winter cyclists that are trying to get out into the rain and the wind?

Visibility is key! Wear as many lights as you can and reflective gear. Natural fibres like wools are great: I wear wool tights, I wear wool sweaters. I found some really good cashmere at discount places, again it’s light and it’s thin to wear and it’s comfortable to get to where you’re going. And you’re soft when you hug people. I think people should wear stuff that they feel good in, like if you had to get off your bike and be seen, would you want to be seen in those clothes? I also think the most important thing about winter riding is your attitude. There’s no bad weather, there’s only bad outfits.

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