We've always been big fans of Canadian frame builder Paul Brodie. Quiet, unassuming and spilling over with mechanical engineering prowess, he was a pioneer in the world of mountain bikes (and now an inductee in the Mt. Bike Hall of Fame). Of course, as much as we admired him as a bicycle guy, you can imagine how much his approval rating shot up when we found out he was also an avid throttle twister. Of all his creations, his handmade replica of an old Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle was the most outlandish - he literally made a complete motorcycle by himself. Not unlike the brilliance shown by the late John Britten who made racing history with his own hand-built motorcycle, with a single creation Paul set himself apart, and above, all the celebrity chopper builders who have found fame & fortune with their outlandish designs and family antics. In the days since he was welding his own frames, Paul has moved on and up in the industry with an eponymous bike line and a popular frame building school. Each year we find Paul at the North American Handmade bike show where he's showing off some wild new pedal bike creation...the guy is just a fabricator at heart - and that's why we have so much respect for him - he makes things!

Who is Paul Brodie and why should you know that a guy like him exists? For 2015 the surprisingly large line-up of Brodie Bicycles includes the Speed Series which leans heavily towards drop bar bikes. Here are three of them that caught our eye.

The steel Brodie Tiber: $1999

The titanium Roadie Ti: $5999

The aluminum Brodie Romax: $2500

Nothing that Paul build is simple or ordinary. Here's the wild handmade e-bike that he crafted in his spare time. AND WHAT ABOUT THAT EXCELSIOR ? Article via/ Road Bike Action

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