The Romax Aluminum; The Double Duty Cyclo-Cross/Commuter Bike

Western sales manager Andrew Summers has built up his double duty cyclo-cross/commuter bike; the Romax Aluminum. "Cyclo-cross Bikes – as the term ‘cross’ implies, this is a hybrid of a road and mountain bike. Used for racing everything from pavement to wooded trails to gravel roads, these bikes are designed fast and lightweight like road bikes, however are built strong to endure the punishment of off-pavement racing. A cyclo-cross bike can be a great choice for commuting as it’s fast on pavement but can take the abuse of running through the off-road terrain you may end up using on your commute." re:

Cyclo-cross bikes also tend to have slacker head angle and longer wheelbase giving you a sturdy and not too aggressive riding position.  The Romax Aluminum also allows for wider tires (perfect for commuting in all weathers/terrain) as well as full rack and fender mounts.

Ryan YipRyan Yip