The Only Romax in Basel, Switzerland - Just Gotta Have It

Has there ever been something you just had to have, no matter what the cost and headache it is to get it?  In this case it was a bicycle and Eveline came to us lusting over the 2010 Brodie Romax.  It's never easy with the logistics of exporting goods but when we heard she just had to get it, we did our best to help her out; one week later, the bike was on the way to Basel, Switzerland. "Finally the summer has started in Europe and I enjoy riding the Romax through the roads of Basel with the most beautiful bike in town! Greatful thanks to Ryan and the team of Brodie Bikes who designed this exceptional bike and made it possible to send it over the sea to Switzerland."

Liebschti Grüess us Basel nach Kanada, gniessed Eure Sommer! (greatings from Basel to Canada, enjoy your summertime!)

Eveline P.

Ryan YipRyan Yip