Steel Has Never Been More Real.... The Ronin and Drifter

Brodie Bicycles is constantly developing ways to get more people on bikes.  No, we’re not reinventing the wheel.  In some cases we’re simply taking something cool and making it current. With cromoly’s increasing presence in the Brodie line-up we’re seeing more and more people discover OR rediscover the benefits of a touring bike, commuter bike or mountain bike made out of steel.  The versatility, longevity, durability, comfort and convenience of cromoly has bikes like the Brodie Ronin helping people get to work everyday, learning to cyclocross or tour their way across a continent.  For the more local rider, the brand new Drifter with 26” wheels, fully rigid suspension-geometry adjusted front end and 1.95” tires, you have a platform that is just as comfortable and efficient on the road as it is on a trail.

Andrew SummersRyan Yip