Romax Cyclocross on the North Shore WITH trailer?!?

Some might think riding a cyclocross on the North Shore is extreme, but how about attaching a trailer loaded with 40lbs!? Via/ North Shore Mountain Bike

I've been hearing about this trail that everyone is hitting called "Bobsled". Never feeling I had the right craft I've avoided it. I did try it one icy winter day on my trusty cross bike but felt it wasn't enough bike.

Along came Bob! He's a hauler! I mean he was packing 40lbs extra yet he was gunning for this trail. So off we went

Despite the load Bob and I managed the Fromme climb from our house without too much work. Before long Bob was meeting Bob[sled].

Bob was excited to be working on his corners


Bob was a bit tentative on the wall - it was a new experience for him however he did enjoy it and wants to climb to new heights

Bob decided he wasn't a jumper though

He really enjoyed ladders

Sadly it ended far too early but Bob vowed he'd be back and better than ever!

Perhaps next time he'll shed some weight:

Conclusion? Well we did get a lot of looks and Bob is a bit shy despite the flag waving appearances. Bob was a bit confused - no one else was like him. He felt that the others enjoying the trail were all too short and bulky. Feeling a bit unwelcome Bob may not return. However happily he has heard that other trails are opening up to others like him. There is even a chance that, with the permission granted by princess [and Lady] Portia, Whippet Queen and Goddess, that he could be given temporary access to a trail only for Ladies. Perhaps even with Portia coming along for the ride!

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