Ride with Lindsey

With New Year resolutions in full effect, I wanted to share something I started this past September by becoming car free. Not only has it been a huge cost savings (approx. $300/month) but it’s been an opportunity to get down to the basics. I am so fortunate to work and live in down town Vancouver with an added bonus of being able to walk to work everyday. Sometimes we have the tendency to over complicate things and I’m so happy that either rain or shine I have  15-20 minutes to myself to take in my neighbourhood, listen to music, think and get my blood moving. Having a vehicle at my disposal since I was 17, I was worried about this transition but it’s been fairly easy with the help of services like Car2Go when I need to get across town but also with the purchase of my new Brodie bike <3! 1

As you may or may not know, I’m quite the outdoor kitty and I like being active.  Part of my routine includes spinning at Ride Cycle Club here in Vancouver and I absolutely love it! I’ve always loved biking as it gives you freedom, speed, mobility and one of my favourite things is to ride the sea wall. I love the scenery of the mountains and the stillness of the ocean. I know so Vancouver cliché of me,  but I highly recommend trying to get outdoors this year, getting a bike or even taking the plunge into being car free! If you’re in the market for a bike, hit up Brodie Bikes. They helped me out a lot in finding out the right bike for me which was the Roam, inspired by classic road bikes and the perfect first step into road riding.







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