Rain, Shine or Snow

Hi there! My name is Sarah, an avid MTB/DH'er who commutes almost every day to work on my Brodie Dos 2.1. I live in Montreal, so this means commuting in the winter can be quite exciting (and cold)! I also use my bike to generally get around the city (regardless of weather, cycling is in my opinion the best mode of transportation!).

I do get a kick out of the incredulous expression on the faces of people I see in the hallways or elevators at work when they see me decked out in my winter cycling gear (or sometimes they may also gawk as I carry my bike inside and up the stairwell to keep it safe from the blistery elements). Although, winter biking in Montreal is really not as dangerous as it might seem. There will be a handful of snowy, epic commutes where the trick is to go slow (especially in corners!) and rely predominantly on your rear brake to slow down and for control. But most days I’m riding on salted roads with my tires firmly gripping the asphalt.

It helps a lot to have a reliable ride requiring minimum maintenance (which is my standard level of maintenance; very noticeable if you’ve seen any of my mountain bikes). I don’t have to worry about any front or rear derailleur getting crusted into immobility. Wider hybrid tires on the Dos 2.1 also give a bit of extra stability when I’m fishtailing in snowy tire tracks, and make it extra comfy for riding over the plethora of potholes and cracks that progressively appear during Montreal’s winter. I love the bike!

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