Paul Brodie; 24 shops, one day!

Recently I went into Vancouver. And did something I've not done before... visited 24 bicycle shops in one day. It was great. There are such a variety of shops, covering everything from boutique, to retro,  to used and grungy. I was handing out the NEW Framebuilding 101 posters... basically introducing myself and asking for wall or window space, please! I met some wonderful people, and ran into old friends too. Only locked my keys in the van once..

The University told me I'm responsible for promoting this course, so that is what I'm doing. Check out the new poster, wait for the new decals (limit 4 per store..), and look for the ad in the back of Momentum Magazine, with the other framebuilders.

A part of the course I teach is bicycle history. I only REALLY started reading up on it last year to prep for this course.  I never knew how it all unfolded and the significance of certain events as the technologies converged... it's great story; you might want to check it out..


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