On The Road Again

Unfortunately nobody is perfect in this world, including ourselves, but when things go awry we do our best to fix the situation. When James had a misfortunate crack on his beloved cromoly Romax, he patiently and calmly brought up the issue with Marty's Mountain Cycle; we thank you for this James! Warranty is a frustrating topic for everyone and we really appreciate his patience. We're glad to hear James is back on the road again and loving his brand new 2014 Romax Aluminum which we know will bring him many more memories and adventures!

2014 Brodie Romax


Hi there, 

As you're perhaps aware I recently had my beloved Romax Cromo frame break on me, much to my dismay. As a one car family, I ride the bike and it was my main form of transportation. You guys were kind enough to replace it for me with another frame, and I thank you for that. I've been back commuting on it this week and while I had reservations about going from steel to aluminum, it's awesome. Light and stiff and comfortable.

I want to thank Marty Clough at Marty's Mountain Cycle for dealing with it himself very quickly and professionally. He went above and beyond, really. Thanks Marty, I really appreciate the quick turnaround and the great service. Brodie has a great dealer there.



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