Newest Addition to The Brodie Family

A warm welcome for our newest Brodie Member, Matt Hornland which will be account representative for Vancouver Island and Ontario. We look forward to the tormenting and torturing for the years to come! Matt is a spandex wearing, craft beer loving, wood working, cyclocrosser. You can find him on Strava, working on that next unfound trail just so he might revel in the brief glory of internet notoriety, or taking Instagrams of the "epic" rides and races he's at. When not on the road/trail, he flaunts his merino wool and skinny jeans in his community garden in Vancouver's West End. During fall season, when not getting his beard kicked in during CX races, he's organizing more cyclocross races on behalf of Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition and Mighty Cycling. On a serious note, he is a passionate advocate for improving people's connections with the natural world and getting kids outside.

What I'm riding right now: Roadie Ti, Crib 29er Where I'm riding: Epic Lillooet road trips, North Shore XC and Spring Series races.

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