Mike Freda Completes Day 9 of Paul Brodies’ Frame Building 101

Day 9 completed. (week#2) My bike frame is almost done just need to do a few minor things... I measured, cut and mitred and nice arced seat stay bridge. Looks really elegant and trick! Nickel silver soldered that into place.

I reamed and faced my head tube.

I installed the rest of my brake and shifter bosses. Silver Soldered them on. Designed and rear disk brake mount. Since this frame can run gears or single speed I need to have some flexabilty in the location of the brake calliper. Paul gave me a couple ideas and I ran with it.

All I need to do is build my rear brake mount, weld it on, ream my seat tube and do a bit of finish sanding.

Derek's bike is almost done and Tom's will be done by the end of tomorrow (last day) We have 3 totally different frames. It's real cool to see them all come together. I'm already thinking of my next frame I want to build!

Mike FredaRyan Yip