Mike Freda Completes Day 5 of Paul Brodies’ Frame Building 101

Day 5 Completed (first week done) Today I focused on getting my main part of the frame built.

- Cut and Mitred my Down tube. - TIG Welded Downtube to the Bottom Bracket and aligned. - Set up the Frame Jig. - I cut and mitred the Seat Tube and Top Tube. - Drilled hole for water bottle inserts. - TIG tacked the main tubes, removed from jig.

Derek aligned and finished up Fillet Brazing his main frame. This is going to be a sexy bike! Truly a one of a kind! Tom did a few more practice fillet Brazes and stared mitring his tube set. He's building a track bike

It's really cool to see the frame come together. A perfectly cut tube miter and raw TIG welds are a thing of beauty.

A student from the first class came in and brought in bike that he made. All painted up with decals. Looks real slick! Can't wait to see what my completed bike looks all painted up!

It's been a fun week. Great bunch of people I'm with. All have different backgrounds but all share the passion....cycling.

Mike FredaRyan Yip