Introducing The 2013 Brodie Line!

A Brodie isn't just a bike, it's a right of passage. Built with the individual rider in mind, Brodie bikes are built to blaze the trails of your choosing. From epic off-roading to beachside cruising, there's a Brodie that's right for you. Over the years, we've built our fair share of bikes and each one has played a role in shaping who we've become. In fact, don't be surprised if after all these years, we still remember your2005 White Infinity or 2008 Root Beer Ronin. We're a small company and better yet, a community.

We're not about making hundreds of different models (just to have hundreds of different models). We're about making original, quality bikes from concept to production so the bike you love now, is the bike you'll love for the years to come.

Thank you for taking your time in looking at our new 2013 catalog and product offerings, we hope you love them! - the b-Team Quick Highlights

EXPRESS: - two new 2-speed automatic models (Dos 2.1/Dos 2.2). Once you hit 17 km/h, it'll automatically shift in to the higher gear! - new dual sport series (Salish/Sasamat) allows for all those commuters who travel through tougher terrain

SPEED: - a rapidly expanding category for us, we've added a new cyclocross (Revel), touring (Elan Vital) and road model (Pace) to the series

JOURNEY: - new art deco aesthetics for the series, including a new mixte frame for the S and M Section. 8 (tradition avail in M or L)

LIGHTNING: - last year we introduced two models (Khan/Crib) which sold out early this year. We've expanded the series to now include four 29'ers which we're very excited about! One of the last few who are still doing the 26" All Mtn, we're still dedicated in providing our original aggressive hardtail (Tact/Surge)

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