Indiejavafest - Friends, Bikes, Coffee (....and beer)!

December 24th, bit of a dreary day so I’ve planted myself in front of the fireplace. Reflecting on the past year (albeit briefly as there’s food to prep and cocktails to enjoy) one of the things consistently coming to mind is the variety of people I have had the pleasure of meeting weekly on the Indiejavafest ride.

Waiting for coffeecake and cortados at Revolver Coffee in Vancouver; Geordan / Monica / Jill / Nora / PHOTO: @ferbyshellbourne

The concept is simple, go for a friendly, fun, relatively short bike ride to wake up the legs and clear the fog from the head. Then stop at any locally owned and operated cafe for #allthecortados . Although it happens year round (more or less), there’s a magical 6 months a year when the sun is generally rising within the start-time window and that makes for one magical start to the day, every day!

Sunrise from the Vancouver Convention Centre with @dickmanderson , @genev1eve.b and yours truly / PHOTO: @21NINJAS

Ultimately what really makes these rides special for me is the openness and inclusiveness of pretty much everyone who attends. Riders get to meet new people, make friends and discover wonderful places while riding bikes. As we roll into the new year I hope everyone has the opportunity to find some peace on a bicycle with old and new friends over a cup of coffee, slice of coffee cake or even a Friday afternoon #indiebeerfest!

In the meantime, here is a truly fantastic edit from our friend @ridegradient . Occasionally Indiejavafest does a weekend edition and Nicholas Kupiak came along for the ride and captured some of the fun!

Indie Java Fest, a staple of the Vancouver cycling community hosted a weekend edition to say goodbye to Bows x Arrows. PHOTO: @robshaer

Happy holidays, peace, strength, happiness and love to all of you as we start another lap.


Andrew Summers