I'm Seeing b-Team Red!

Well the boys at Secret Cycles are at it again!  After supplying them with a beautifully agile, curvaceous, sleek, light Romax b-Team frame, they went to town turning it into a high-zoot, super-cool ride.  The high-gloss, cherry-red Scandium frame is normally dressed as a cyclocross rig with a drop handlebar. But first, a little about cyclocross and Brodie.  In the Fall, when the weather is starting to get colder, wetter and slicker and the regular road racing/riding events for the season have come to a close, cyclocross(CX) season kicks in!  Here's a shot of Haley Mousseau post-race at the BC CX Provincials last year.........

Dirty, Dirty Bike!

Cyclocross is an awesome spectator sport.  Typical courses are fairly tight and twisty in relatively small places with plenty of spots to watch all the action unfold from.  You can usually count on rain, roots, asphalt, mud, off-camber hills, grass, sand, rock-gardens and steeples as part of the terrain.

Run Forest, run!

One of the most appealing things about CX is the riders themselves.  Whether their love of cycling started with a tricycle, BMX, road bike, mountain bike or any other wheeled contraption, it's the absolute inclusiveness and all-out fun of getting dirty on a bike with friends that seems to keep people from all walks of life coming back for their CX fix!

Overhead point of view, about to lunge up some steps!

JUMP up that flight of stairs!

Every now and then a shop is lucky enough to have a customer who loves bikes and has an even greater affection for custom bikes.  Chances are they have a frame in mind already and in some cases, an entire parts list!  Most times it's near impossible to find that bike stock in anyone's store.  Occasionally, they may come close but just don't have that certain, specific "je ne sais quoi".  That's where an experienced, resourceful local bike store comes in very handy.  They can source those hard to find parts, give great advice and help put it all together!  Scott and the guys at Secret Cycles in Port Coquitlam are one of those shops and recently they did a custom build on a 2010 Brodie Romax Scandium b-Team CX frame.  Not only was the frame a beautiful candy-apple RED, it also has the amazing SRAM "Red" component group hung on it!.................See a quick shot of it below......................

A Brodie Scandium canvas about to be painted with amazing parts!

See the finished product...........HERE!!!