Health and Fitness: Don’t Look for the Easy Way

Nowadays, through the internet, late night infomercials, magazines and email there are endless number of “get fit, lose weight” programs, systems and ideas.  The problem is – how can the average person tell what works and what doesn’t?  Well, the answer is a universal: like Grandma used to say, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. So if they’re promising you that with only three minutes a day you can lose 20lbs and have a six pack – then they’re either misreprenting the actual truth (it’s three minutes a day, plus a restricted calorie/low carbohydrate diet and 45mins more every day of cardiovascular training), or worse, they’re outright lying.  Proper nutrition and a daily dose of exercise are the only ways to lose weight and stay in shape – not easy, unfortunately, but very simple. ....................

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