Freedom Frames to Go Up Against Brodie Bicycles

Okay, maybe not; but maybe one day! Mike Freda's frame via. Paul Brodie's Framebuilding 101 is finally complete with a new coat of paint- She's looking beautiful! "Well, it's been over two months since the course and I finally got my frame painted. It's made out of CroMo (steel) I decided to paint blue and call it "Blue Steel" Also, since my last name is Freda, and it's a Free ride frame, I decided to do a bit of play on words and call it "Freedom Frames" It's not a real company... just something that rolls off the tongue! :)

I've showed it around and EVERYONE thinks it's a professionally made frame from an actual bike company. To their surprise I tell them, nope, I made it!"

Mike FredaRyan Yip