Framebuilding 101 Open House

Hi Everyone, this is Paul Brodie. Here is an update for what's going on: Framebuilding 101 Open House is December 11, 2012. Come check it out. Everyone is welcome; bring a friend. It's 4-8pm. It's a little frame building shop in a HUGE airplane hanger, so there's LOTS of space. Address is 30645 Firecat Avenue, just left of the Tradex Building, Abbotsford Airport. It's a big white building. Look for the double glass doors under the blue awning.

UFV (University of the Fraser Valley) has signed up for a second round of NAHBS next February in Denver, Colorado. I asked them who was going to build the bike for next year's Handbuilt Show, and all the fingers pointed at me. Funny how that happens…  Come to the Open House and see what progress I have made on the Electric Bicycle being constructed for the show.

Framebuilding 101 course # 017 finished Friday, November 2. It was sold out with 4 very keen students from Langley, Banff, Jasper, and San Fransisco. The photo below shows one of the frames constructed in that class. Nice quality! These courses are now heading into year three. Some of the local Graduated Students (hereafter known as the Alumni..) had expressed interest in building a second frame. UFV responded by now offering an Alumni one week Framebuilding course for $1250, which covers everything except the frame tubing and related bits. You can bring your own tubing and bits, or purchase same from UFV for $150. No HST. The very first Alumni course will start Monday, March 4, 2013.

I recently wrote a little story entitled " The True Story of how Brodie Bikes began." It proved to be quite popular, and some people emailed me asking about the next instalment.  One gentleman even asked about the book!  He said that if I were to write a book; he would buy one. And that is just one way of how things can start. I am now writing that book, which will tell so much more about Brodie Bikes, and other related stories.  Sometime in 2013…

Happy Holidays! All the best for 2013. Paul B.

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