Framebuilding 101 News

Hello my name is Paul Brodie. This is the latest Framebuilding 101 news.

I met with the University (UFV) yesterday, and it was confirmed we will be going to NAHBS as an exhibitor. This is the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Sacramento, CA. on March 2-4, 2012... I am building a full suspension bicycle for the show, and we'll be promoting Framebuilding 101.  I'm quite excited about all this; it's been a few years since I've done a trade show...  for a Framebuilder to exhibit, they must pass (3) criteria: in business minimum 2 years, made 50 frames minimum, and have liability insurance. You cannot display a frame you yourself did not make.. They say the Rules are strictly enforced.

Next Open House is Tuesday November 29: c'mon out and talk bikes. Former students show off their completed bikes. If you have a cool bike, bring it. Last Open House two guys showed up on bamboo bikes they had made, and bamboo bikes got talked about a lot..   Refreshments will be served..  Carpool; bring your friends.  It's a small framebuilding shop in a HUGE airplane hanger. We do have space. You can practice brazing with one of our oxy-acetylene torches; instruction and safety gear included.

Next Framebuilding 101 is November 28: treat yourself to a GREAT Xmas present!

A friend and I are planning a short CNC project to build a limited number of Frame Jigs next year. Probably a run of ten. Not sure of price yet. I did do a small run of hardened V-blocks after one student asked to have some made. (see photo) They're great for holding frame tubes for mitreing. 5 pairs left; $75 / pr.

Hope to see you at the Open House,

Paul B.

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