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Brodie Established 1986 brodiebikes.com

Brodie Bicycles is a Vancouver-based bike company who are all about making their customers smile and seeing them enjoy the bikes they’ve created. What makes them particularly awesome is something which many people don’t realize: they’re a small business which does everything with only 5 full-time staff and a few part-time sales reps. Much smaller than other local Canadian brands they work as a small team, all pitching in. Whether at the bottom of the totem pole or the top, they’re all equal and they are certainly pumping out some great product.

We asked Brodie’s president, Roger Yip, a few questions about his business in Vancouver.

If Brodie is known for one things amongst its customers, what would it be? Our dealers would know us for our relationships we’ve built with them over the years.  In a normal situation you would have an account rep, but as a small tight-knit group our dealers are comfortable dealing with anyone that picks up the phone or services them: We all usually know what’s going on with each others work. Having these close relationships, going beyond our call of duty isn’t usually out of the ordinary whether it’s for our dealers or end-consumers.Producing different styles of bicycles, we’re not really known for “one certain” thing with the people riding our bikes. That being said, we’re known for certain iconic items we’ve produced over the years including the sloping top-tube mountain bike, hand-built cross country frames, box tube mountain bikes and lifestyle bicycles…*sloping top tube: Paul Brodie was one of the first innovators of the classic “sloping top tube” allowing for more clearance on aggressive style riding. *hand-built frames: The original hand-built steel XC frames (Expresso/Sovereign) are still lusted over by many riders *box tube: We were one of the first ones to come out with an aggressive aluminum hard-tail with box tubing, the Holeshot *lifestyle bikes: Today, our best selling bicycles include commuters, cruisers and touring bikes as well as niche products which include things like the Shimano internal gear systems: Nexus and AlfineWhat’s your favourite place to ride your bike in the city? Vancouver offers such a variety of riding that it’s impossible to pick a favorite place or type of riding.  On an any given day depending on your mood, you can ride the North Shore Mountains, take a Stanely Park seawall cruise or stretch your legs out for a long ride around UBC: None better than the other.

Aside from Brodie, what’s your favourite Vancouver business and why? We’ve always loved 1-800-GOT-JUNK not just because we have some friends over there, but because of their story. Starting out as a one-man operation, Brian Scudamore was able to build an empire out of nothing. Home grown out of Vancouver as well, they’re success and practices are something we truly admire.

What keeps you here? Like what’s the best thing about Vancouver? Vancouver has a unique community and lifestyle feel to it and on a sunny, beautiful day you understand what’s to love about being here.  Where else can you be out on the ocean, hike, bike, and snowboard all in one day?


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