Dynamo - Best Commuter Bike - Period!

Is the Dynamo the Best Commuter Bike Ever ??

We think so - Not a lot of changes over the last 10 years.

Why ? With such a well thought out spec we have not needed to revolutionize the Dynamo. Evolutionary changes have keep and fresh and relevant and exactly what you do need, and nothing that you don't.

The frame is shaped and butted 6061 Alloy, Strong ! Resistant to cracking, designed for every day use.

It uses a full Shimano 9-Speed drivetrain, the most reliable shifting on the market. After it’s well worn, with dirty or kinked cables, it will still work, better than a 10-Spd group.

Of course it has all the mounts and clearance needed for fenders and racks.

Shimano Hydraulic Brakes for superior all weather stopping power.

Well thought out contact points for long distance comfort and it comes in 6 frame sizes, so it accommodate riders from under 5’ to over 6.5’.

GeneralWayne Iverson