Day 7 of Frame Building with Paul Brodie

We are now heading into day 7 of the first frame building course. To learn their mitering and welding skills, the (4) students practiced making a "baby" frame each, as pictured below. Two were TIG-welded, and two were fillet brazed, before starting their own frames. The choice of frames surprised me a little > (2) road race, (1) cyclocross, and a 26" dirt jumper!  Not even one true mountain bike... The students have kept me very busy; no time to make a 29er for Bruce Spicer, like I had anticipated. That will have to happen later, in my own time. This teaching really suits me very well. I get home tired, but I still have a lot of energy, if that makes sense to you. The next course starts October 25 and it still has some "seats"  vacant.  For more information call 604 847 5471, or email   The new course number CRN is 80358.  Thanks,

Paul Brodie

Paul Brodie, Ryan YipRyan Yip