Brodie Teams Up With Whistler Mountain Bike; Prototype DH Bike

We're proud to announce we're teaming up with Whistler Mountain Bike to test/demo/ride our prototype Downhill SR Suntour Internal Gear V-Boxx.  The big green mean machine will be ridden by Chris of Whistler Mountain Bike throughout the Spring in the Whistler Bike Park.

Gearbox bikes were developed to eliminate common problems associated with a derailleur based system.  Although adding a significant amount of weight, the mass is centralized in at the core of the bike and down low; thus giving it a very stable and balanced feel.

Special thanks to Qualitek Collision in Vancouver for the superb paint job; three tone metallic green! Make sure you check them out for all your repair needs!

It's come along since our 97 prototype concept......



BRODIE 1997 Paul Brodie. DH Bike. Shimano 7 Gang NEXUS

V-Boxx Internal Gearbox

  • Speed: 9-speed.
  • Q-factor: 180mm.
  • Gear ratios: Total: 610%
    • 1. 0,63
    • 2. 0,88
    • 3. 1,29
    • 4. 1,45
    • 5. 1,67
    • 6. 1,80
    • 7. 2,33
    • 8. 2,96
    • 9. 3,
  • Teeth number (Front & rear): 22T.
  • Weight: 4.52kg (including cranks, sprockets, shifter & cables).
  • Crank arm: 170mm forged alloy.
  • Crank arm finish: Anodized black.
  • Housing: Alloy.
  • Housing finish: Gun metallic anodized grey (with V-Boxx CNC cut logo).
Ryan YipRyan Yip