Bike to Work Week - Through The Eyes of The Paper Pusher

It's Bike to Work Week! Here at Brodie, "They" try to get everyone involved with events, and that includes me - a paper pusher who is usually found behind a desk, immersed in work. On this occasion, it was decided that I needed to get out of the office and interact with the people who use the bikes and buy the bikes and LOVE the bikes! So out I went to Union St Station, and I hung out in typical Vancouver spring weather - sun and rain and warm and not all at one time. But it was great to get out there and see all the bikers roll by in support of Bike to Work Week. I got to meet some pretty cool people. Everyone I talked to was so nice. There had to be at least 300 bikers that went by while I was there, and I'm sure there were way more throughout the day. Bike to Work Week is a great way for people to be active, to get outdoors, and to help the environment. As a part of the Brodie family, I'm happy to have been out there as a part of it all.

Bonnie LuiRyan Yip