Another Saturday Ride...

BUZZZZZZZZZZ.........text message received.  McJackson says he wants to do a photo shoot "as long as it's pouring rain and really wet."

After a ride in the hail, thunder and lightning on Thursday and witnessing the murky, misty fog lurking in the trees I couldn't really blame him.  They were epic conditions and although it was a freak, freezing storm, man was it FUN!

Fortunately Mother Nature didn't deliver on the Saturday!  Billy was a touch disappointed but it didn't keep us from having a wicked rip and getting some fun shots.

Our route took us from the parking lot at Parkgate Mall in North Vancouver up Mount Seymour Road to the entrance for Old Buck.  This trail is very simple, a pathway that gets steeper the further up you go.  It eventually tops-out as it meets the Baden Powell.  Most people turn left and proceed up the Baden Powell, which at this point is a technical jaunt up wet, off-camber roots and loose baby-skulls.  As your tires slip and churn you gradually pass the bottom of Pingu and the entrances for Team Pangor and Boogieman.

I've always loved this section of the Baden Powell as it's so technical and slow.  It's a great way to warm up on the way up so you're not too shaky when you hit the skinny log-rides and obstacles on the way down.

Once you manage to cross the top of Severed Dick things get really fun as it takes a downward turn.  Fast, twisty, rooty, rocky sections are interspersed with tight, low speed corners.  There are a couple semi-steep sections that can be loose.  After that the bottom flattens out a little, speed goes up and fields of baby-skulls and 1 - 2 foot step-downs mark the path to the bottom.

Of course, even on sunny days there can be muddy, soaking wet ground which is all too easily flung in your face as soon as your tires come off the ground (heh heh.....)

Not bad for a 60 minute rip.

See you next Saturday!

Photos Graciously Provided By: project-b & .WFJ..........oh, and me.