A Life Changing Story

Every now and then we receive inspirational stories from our customers;  this is one of those stories! It's a true honour as a small business like ourselves to see the impact of what we do and how it can influence a person's life. We'd like to thank each and everyone one of you for your continued love and support! Godspeed Andrew and keep on riding! ................................................

This email is at least three years in the making ;) I bought this 05 Hellion back in 2010 for peanuts from a rich Muskoka kid, sight unseen from some classified ad. At the time I was looking to replace my Canadian Tire special which had slowly rusted to dust. I knew nothing of Brodie at the time other than that it was a solid name brand (and Canadian too). I can honestly say after three years that this bike has been life-changing for me. I got into mountain biking and single track specifically because of this bike, I'm no BC warrior as I live in Ontario so she hasn't been abused but she is my baby. I ride around the streets of Toronto like I have a death wish and constantly get thumbs-up from other bike nerds. She is my commuter now and has made city life tolerable. I threw a Chromag Fubar OSX bar on it with DMR grips (and left it un-cut), Gusset peds, a Blackspire bashguard, Specialized Renegade Control tread and other minor upgrades over the years but the major components (Haynes brakes, Deore derailleur, Manitou shocks) are still bone-stock. It was a beautiful setup when it rolled out of the factory and it still is - a bulletproof hardtail that hasn't given me a single problem other than a few flat tubes. Once I have a few more bucks I will be throwing on some Specialized Fatboy slicks which will make my commute much more interesting. She's been stolen, dropped, bailed, chucked, thrown and generally abused but she still keeps on ticking. I will likely ride this bike into the ground, and at some point when I NEED to purchase another bike (hopefully never), it will definitely be a Brodie. I even make a point of polishing the mud off the Canada flag on the frame, just so people know my ride has a BC pedigree. Happy Canada Day from a huge Brodie Bikes fan, you guys have gained a customer for life, which would mean lots of $$$ if not for the fact that you built this bike like an Abrams tank. Much appreciated and much loved.

Cheers, Andrew

Brodie Hellion