Inspiration for our World Cycle Tour

Growing up cycling was always my preferred way to get around. I loved my old, rusted purple bike. I used to go everywhere on it. It was my key to freedom. Then came my car, university, work… and cycling was no longer such a major part of my life. Instead of jumping on my bike, I would head to the gym and take part in a spin class, then drive home. It seems crazy to me now! It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I rediscovered cycling, and my love for travelling by bicycle was reignited. Now I can’t image life without my bike. 


It was actually Michael that planted the seed for our cycle tour. One day he mentioned how he always wanted to cycle across Turkey. Initially, I thought he was mad, but as I thought about it more and more, I started to realise that long distance bicycle travel could be awesome! We started to discuss cycling across Canada. Lot’s of people do it. The roads seemed to be quite good. And, we wanted to go to Canada to work a couple of seasons, so it seemed to be the most logical place to try a cycle trip.


Sometimes other things in life pop up, and things don’t quite work out how you had envisioned. After discussing working and cycling across Canada, we started to apply for our work permits. In the meantime Michael and I landed jobs working at a ski resort in France. I was in a ski accident, I couldn’t ski, I couldn’t run, I couldn’t really do anything. The doctor however did say I could cycle… this is where the idea to cycle from France to China was born. Once the season finished, we headed off on a couple of bicycles and cycled to China.

After our first cycle tour we came to realise how great travelling by bicycle was. We still wanted to cycle across Canada, and we now had our Canadian work permits, so headed off to Canada to fulfil the dream. This time however, we decided we were going to try a world cycle tour. Starting in Vancouver with our Brodies, heading across Canada to Halifax, then continue south through the USA into Mexico, and through Latin America.


So far the trip has had its ups and downs, but it has been by far one of the best experiences of our lives, and is such a great way to explore a country. It’s all about the journey, and not the destination, and the more we cycle, the more we see that.

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