An Alternative to the Vancouver Sea Wall

What’s better than a family ride on the Steveston dyke on a sunny day? Knowing that at the end of the dusty trail there’s Pajo’s fish & chips on the dock. Unfortunately, we don’t burn enough calories to make up for the delicious treat but it’s a perk at the end of the trail for all to enjoy. After devouring lunch, a walk down to the fish boats is mandatory to see what the fresh catch of the day is? Pickup a few pounds of  live fresh spot prawns & the basket on the bike comes in real handy!

I added a new model to my stable called drifter; It’s a Cr-Mo mountain slash city bike with a rigid fork....OK it’s a little retro, but who needs a heavy inexpensive suspension fork that robs power. I save weight, enjoy a better drive train, durable wheels & supple steel frame. Besides my daily commuters, I am using it as my “one” bike at home as an all purpose bike....UBC trails, rip to work, family rides, city bike routes.... it’s my most versatile ride that feels at home on any day, any terrain. Stanley Park seawall is next up on the family ride schedule... Have to bribe my 12 year old  with “Nat’s New York Pizza”  & “Cupcakes”in English Bay. There’s always a treat at the end of the rainbow....

Steveston Dyke: It’s totally flat! Easy meandering hard pack gravel trail along the river/ ocean with awesome views. Suitable for all ages & fitness levels. We usually start near the Olympic skating oval & ride west / south towards Steveston. The village has all kinds of touristy shops, great patio dining & kids water park/ playground by McDonalds. Approx 7km+ each way. You can continue along Fraser River east if you want to extend your ride beyond Steveston. Don’t forget to visit the fishing boats for fresh prawns, salmon, halibut.....nice ride that can be done in a couple of hours.  Where else is there a quaint little fishing village so close to the city that makes you feel like you're on vacation?

Roger YipRyan Yip