2015 Brodie Product Launch

(Vancouver, BC) - The 2015 product launch is a reflection of our mantra, 'Real Bikes for Real People'. With bikes ranging from practical city bikes to rugged mountain bikes, we have a bike for everyone at an affordable price point. “Every year, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve our products and selection as the bike industry is extremely competitive”, says Bruce Spicer, Product Manager. “We’ve made several changes to our lineup to adapt to the needs of our customers”.

One of the big changes that we've made to our lineup is offering complete bikes in titanium. In the past, this has only been an option for the frame. This change is reflected in our popular Speed Series which are road bikes that are designed for long distances. We’ve also introduced a stainless steel model, also in the Speed Series that’s durable, long-lasting and will never rust. 

“One of the bikes I’m most excited about would be in our Journey Series which are short distance city bikes. It’s called Section 7 and it has this vintage, military bike feel to it”, explains Bruce. “It’s a city bike but it looks tough and rugged”. 

Bruce anticipates that Brodie’s best seller will continue to be the Dynamo, in our Express Series which are bikes designed for longer distances but still within a city. The affordable Dynamo is a straight bar commuter bike that can fit anyone on its frame, short or tall. It’s been Brodie Bikes best seller for 5 years now.

“Next year will be our 30th anniversary and we’re going to have a few special surprises to celebrate that but this year’s product launch is definitely our most exciting yet”, says Spicer. “I anticipate that Brodie will maintain our strong foothold in Western Canada and continue to grow across Canada”.

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