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Adventure, gravel, race, road plus and more...

Road Plus bicycles are the best choice for virtually everyone; providing performance, adventure, comfort, fun & stability on short or long days in the saddle going anywhere from the office, to a hill- top, cyclocross race or exotic backroads in a foreign place. These bikes highlight drop-handlebars and two different wheel sizes depending on the model. 

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flat - bar


Commuter, fitness, fun, do everything bikes...

Smart, sleek, utility- driven urban bicycles inspired by people who want to do everything with their bike from fitness rides to commuting and weekend adventures. All models come with rack and fender mounts and at least 28c tires. Some even come with internal gears!

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City Bikes, cruiser bikes, commuter bikes, fenders, racks and kickstands ! ...

Beautiful bicycles loaded with features and style; purposely designed for fun, smooth, day to day cycling in your neighbourhood or across town. Some options feature internal gear hubs, fenders, racks and/or kickstands. 




Hardtail Mountain Bikes, Fat-Bikes, Adventure, bike-packing, Classic Steel, trail riding and dropping into the Gnar  ...

Quality, category-defining mountain bikes built on experience, history and passion - the original West Coast hardtail. 


Brodie Bikes


Brodie Adventure video, check it out...

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Brodie Hardtails...

These hardtail do it all, Steel, Titanium, Plus Tires, Fat Tires, Steep Tech, Snow and sand, find your adventure, share the love ...